T kell 13:00 – 13:45

Narva mnt 2, Tartu
*Tund toimub inglise keeles

Yoga for body and soul / find your own balance!

As a yoga teacher, I see it as a goal to open each individual code of energies that will help you move through life with love, without betraying yourself, your dreams, desires, views!
Do you want to feel the impulses of your body and achieve spiritual growth? I know that my practices will be useful!
I appreciate every person who enters the field of high vibrations of the soul and body! Who joins my class and also looks forward to helping you achieve your wellness goals!
“Balance Yoga”
This is a tool through which you can know yourself, the body, the world, the soul! With my author’s methods, you practice in the moment! This allows you to remove anxiety, stress. Get healthy by working with the right points in the body. Find inner peace and be able to see where to move in life or your issue.
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I, Ruslana (Ukrainian), have been a yoga instructor in Tartu, Estonia since 2022. My main goal is to help others discover their inner dance, light and peace while remaining included in life! Using my versatile understanding of the body and psyche, I strive to bring lightness, energy, balance, adaptability, general, psychological and female health into the body. Feel the taste of life, no matter what happens! Since 2019, I have been working with the body, working through blocks and beliefs through the body. I was engaged in fitness and taught group and individual fitness classes in Ukraine for more than 3 years. Charitably organized fitness marathons and worked with teenagers. She was a coach in her city on a large sports project of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky "Active parks". For me, the opportunity to share with women everything that I have learned and am learning makes my life happier and I feel my way in this! The path of yoga is the path to the true Self. Yoga is a process in which you discover new levels of knowledge of yourself and the world.

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